Diversity and Inclusion

The Australian construction industry faces difficulty attracting and retaining a diverse range of people to work in the industry.

A more inclusive industry will address capability and capacity constraints and create opportunities for greater collaboration and innovation.

The Culture Standard supports diversity and inclusion for people from all ages, genders, cultures, sexual orientations, and heritages, including Indigenous and First Nations People. It has been drafted to supplement existing procurement rules and requirements. Read more about existing laws and policies.

Gender is the initial priority in a journey towards deepening the diversity and sense of inclusion in the construction sector that will also consider disability, ethnicity and age.

Significant productivity improvements can be made by making the construction sector a more attractive place to work to the current generation of female workers forgoing careers in construction.

Our failure to attract and retain female workers narrows our talent pool and reduces the industry’s capacity to deliver projects at a time where we are preparing to expand.

Under ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ the Culture Standard will seek to make workplaces more inclusive and encourage diversity, initially by setting targets to increase the representation of women, address gender pay gaps and to create a more inclusive working environment for all workers, regardless of gender, age, culture, sexual orientation or heritage.

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