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The Construction Industry Culture Taskforce is working to improve productivity and offer a great workplace experience for employees in the construction sector.

Culture in Construction is an initiative of the Construction Industry Culture Taskforce (CICT)—comprising the Australian Constructors Association, representing the nation’s largest construction firms, the Governments of New South Wales and Victoria and Australia’s leading workplace researchers.

Since August 2018, we’ve been working to develop a new Culture Standard which will lift the productivity and performance of construction and address the major issues holding back our industry – excessive work hours and fatigue, poor mental health, and failure to attract a diverse workforce.

The CICT works alongside the Construction Industry Leadership Forum (CILF), a joint forum of leaders from industry and the Victorian and NSW public sectors. CILF aims to drive improved collaboration and action around procurement and delivery of major government infrastructure projects, including by addressing capability and capacity constraints.

Why we’re here

We need to support everyone who works in construction as they build our future – it’s in Australia’s interest.

Our industry has never been more important. As the third-largest industry in Australia, construction employs 1.2 million people and will need to fill an additional 105,000 jobs by 2023. Construction is critical to delivering the nearly $225 billion in investment in major public infrastructure over the next four years, and central to Australia’s economic recovery from coronavirus.

However, the industry faces challenges which are diminishing the lives of those who work in it and their families.

The work and hours of work are excessive and unhealthy, the workforce lacks diversity, and stress levels and suicide rates are amongst the highest in the country.

A better construction sector is in Australia’s interests. It is imperative that our industry adopt a new approach to ways of working that will lift our industry up, make it a more attractive place to work and make critical productivity gains to meet increasing demand for construction services.

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Our approach

We’re adopting an evidence-based approach. The Culture Standard draws upon existing data, new and original research, and a range of pilot projects which have tested improvements to workplace practices.

The Culture Standard represents a unique collaboration between the private and public sectors, working with leading academic researchers in the field including the Australian National University (ANU), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), University of New South Wales (UNSW) and University of Tasmania (UTAS).

The CICT promotes a consultative and evidence-based approach to ensure this cultural shift is impactful and that customers commit to buying services that meet the Culture Standard. Our program of research includes original research and a review of existing research, workplace statistics and data coordinated by our academic partners, as well as coordinating with clients and industry members to conduct relevant workplace trials and pilots.

In addition to our research program, the CICT undertook extensive consultation in 2021, with a wide range of stakeholders providing input on the Culture Standard through our virtual consultation hub and via written submissions.

The CICT are currently piloting the new Standard across a range of projects of different sizes, types and contract models in NSW and Victoria. Results of the programs will be shared with all states and territories, with further engagement expected to follow soon after.

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Hear from community leaders on how the Culture Standard will make a difference.

“By adopting a more sustainable approach to our work, we can greatly improve the lives of people working in the construction sector, while also ensuring the sector is able to deliver the nation’s infrastructure pipeline.

As an evidence-based solution, the Culture Standard will be transformative – improving the capacity and effectiveness of the industry, attracting new workers to rewarding and essential jobs, and improving diversity and retention rates.”



Jon Davies

Australian Constructors Association

Full Statement of Support

“Infrastructure NSW is proud to be a founding partner and key funding partner in this important initiative to improve health, culture and wellbeing in the construction industry.

We look forward to our continued partnership with the Culture in Construction Taskforce to help make the construction industry a more diverse, healthy and safe workplace.”




Said Hirsh, Head of Strategy, Planning & Innovation

Infrastructure NSW

Full Statement of Support

“It’s our team of talented people who make the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA) and Victoria’s Big Build so successful. And that’s why we continue to invest in the health and well being of our 20,000 strong workforce as we deliver the mega transport projects needed for our future.

MTIA supports a Culture Standard for the construction industry to create a working environment that attracts a diverse range of people from all walks of life. We are working hand in hand with the industry and our workforce to understand their challenges and to work towards meaningful change.”

Kevin Devlin, Director General

Major Transport Infrastructure Authority, Victoria

Full Statement of Support

Together, we’re driving change

Government, industry and academic partners are working together to secure the long term sustainability of construction in the national interest.

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